Giving Back

At the Sleeping Warrior Lodge, we are committed to supporting and sustaining the wilderness and wildlife that provides both our personal inspiration and our commercial livelihood.

In building our facilities, we have been careful to use only sustainably harvested wood, re-use cedar posts originally installed in colonial times, use traditional building methods and locally sourced volcanic stone, harvest only rain water and use only solar power wherever possible. We also engage and train local staff wherever possible and invite the surrounding community to participate in our tourism interaction by providing local handicrafts, locally grown foodstuffs, and by acting as wildlife guides and cultural hosts.

We work closely with the Soysambu Conservancy, a non-profit organization founded in 2006, which is committed to caring for the 48,000 acres of wilderness that was once the private estate of the Delamere family. IMG_2119-Edit

Together with the conservancy, we are committed towards generating a series of practical projects, which have been designed to ensure the conservation of Kenya’s natural heritage for the benefit of future generations.

The projects have been tailored to respond to a range of key challenges, such as: practical wildlife management and community conservation, preservation of the landscape, eradication of illegal tree-felling and charcoal burning, eradication of poaching and snaring.

The conservancy is also committed to ensuring that the community that surrounds us receives their proper share of the profits made. To this end we support a number of local schools and have undertaken to finance the passage of a number of local children through school. g back

Our current programmes are as follows:

  • We sponsor 5 Maasai children to attend a private boarding school in Gilgil
  • Give preference to local hiring and provide on-the-job training
  • Support the Maasai community who works on firebreaks and uprooting Leleshwa (considered an invasive species by KWS/KFS)
  • We hire and buy supplies locally as much as possible
  • We helped produce a documentary film about the impact of environmental degradation in the Rift Valley on local communities and wildlife
  • The Damon family has created an NGO, The Rift Valley Foundation (RIVA), to support further conservation and community development activities. RIVA has already installed water collection systems in two local schools, provided plastic piping to bring water to a village on Eburru, supported the development of a community owned eco-tourism operation in Eburru forest and worked to promote the concept of a wildlife corridor between Lakes Nakuru, Elementaita and Naivasha.