Soysambu Conservancy

A part of the extensive lands, first owned by one of Kenya’s best-known pioneers, Lord Delamere, the non-profit Soysambu Conservancy is dedicated towards preserving this previously private and still pristine wilderness. Featuring volcanic hills, rolling plains, and dense acacia woodlands, the Conservancy also includes a substantial part of Lake Elementaita, the ancestral home of thousands of flamingos and their attendant cast of pelicans, cormorants, waders and storks. Within the shelter of the crater, wander large herds of buffalo, within the acacia thickets graze the rare Rothschild’s giraffe, and across the plains bound an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of plain’s game. Long protected from the impact of mass-tourism, the Conservancy also provides sanctuary for a wide range of predators, including the shy and secretive leopard. sleeping

World Heritage Status

The Kenya Lake System of the Great Rift Valley was added to The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s World Heritage List in 2011. The citation reads;

‘The Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley (Kenya), a natural property of outstanding beauty was the first to be added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List during the current Committee session. It comprises three inter-linked relatively shallow lakes (Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementaita) in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya and covers a total area of 32,034 hectares. The property is home to 13 globally threatened bird species and some of the highest bird diversities in the world. It is the single most important foraging site for the lesser flamingo anywhere, and a major nesting and breeding ground for great white pelicans. The property features sizeable mammal populations, including black rhino, Rothschild’s giraffe, greater kudu, lion, cheetah and wild dogs and is valuable for the study of ecological processes of major importance’.

Guests are required to pay a contribution towards the upkeep of the private Soysambu Conservancy. Price per person per day: Non-Resident (adult) $47 (child $24 and student $24). East African Resident (adult) Kshs 1,200 (child Kshs 600). A relevant invoice will be supplied upon your departure.

For more information, please visit the Soysambu Conservancy Website